Construction Technical Papers

Construction has provided a collection of white papers and technical papers that discuss various construction subjects. 

CIGNA Regional Offices Building: A Phased Construction Schedule Overcomes Weather and an Undeveloped Jobsite - When finished, the CIGNA Office Building would provide a dramatic new home for the company's regional operations and the scheduled completion date was critical. With 23% of the construction days lost to the rainiest spring in Texas's history and a completely undeveloped location with no infrastructure for the building, however, the initial schedule seemed unrealistic. This paper discusses the challenges to the schedule presented by significant days lost to weather and an undeveloped job site and how those challenges were overcome with a phased construction schedule, tilt-up construction and a collaborative relationship with the project's developer.

Mouser Electronics: Delivering a Successful Construction Project at a Location With Extensive Ongoing Client Operations - The Mouser Electronics Expansion project in Mansfield, Texas presented a unique challenge: The 231,800 SF project was built in close proximity to several hundred Mouser employees and several million dollars worth of sensitive inventory and equipment in the warehouse and administrative departments. This technical paper describes how we addressed the challenge of conducting an extensive construction project in close proximity to ongoing business operations and employees to deliver an award-winning project.


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